Boston Deals – Trip

Boston is a mix of classic and modern destination. While maintaining all the historical characteristics, it manages to present itself as a young city and always ready for a change. Surprising at the variety of activities it offers visitors – though still considered a passing city – the capital of Massachusetts deserves more than just a day’s travel, yet one day it seems enough to have the feeling of knowing it intimately. This phenomenon is due to the welcoming way visitors are received by locals. Tourists arriving in Boston will be amazed by the historic richness, variety of museums, vibrant academic life, delicious restaurants, beautiful parks and great shopping opportunities.

With the slow pace, Boston invites for long walks. The walking tour is so welcome that it has become official. Created in 1950, the route known as Freedom Trail takes tourists to 16 landmarks. Everyone, somehow, was important to the American Revolution. In practice, the visitor is guided by a red trail on the ground that runs through much of the city. Sometimes the Freedom Trail presents itself in bricks, at other times just a painting on the asphalt. The important thing is to follow the 4km demarcated line. Each stop is identified with a badge on the ground. Impossible to get lost and great to explore.

To get the most out of the tour, be sure to get information on each of the stops. They will make a lot more sense if you know the historical fact in each of them. It is surprising to see the places where Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and others organized to gain independence from the Thirteen Colonies and give rise to the United States. The starting point of the Freedom Trail is Boston Common and from there the guided tours for the route.

Leaving the Freedom Trail, history is told by the city’s fine museums. Among the spaces dedicated to the fine arts are the Museum of Fine Arts , with the second largest collection of the country; Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum , surprising and unique by the way it presents the pieces arranged inside a beautiful palace; and the Institute of Contemporary Art which, in addition to presenting a building with innovative architecture, offers an extremely current collection, revealing new names to the public.

In the scientific line, the museums that most attract the visitors are the Museum of Science , with an interactive collection and full of practical experiences; MIT Museum and the major technological breakthroughs; Harvard Museum of Natural History and the fantastic examples of nature. And if for adults there is no shortage of museums, children are not forgotten either. Like the Museum of Science, the Children’s Museum presents science in a light and fun way, always involving jokes. While the New England Aquarium puts children in direct contact with marine life.

Known for being a university city, Boston also boasts attractions such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both located in nearby Cambridge. And with so many study centers it is hard to ignore that Boston has the third largest library in the United States. The beautiful Public Library building , located on Copley Square, is adjacent to other major architectural examples, such as Trinity Church and John Hancock Tower . Together they give a nice summary of how Boston keeps the old and the new side by side in complete harmony.

The city is one that has a story to tell on every corner. When you need a rest for your body and mind, look for one of Boston’s many green areas. The spaces are well explored by the locals, who turn all the lawns into the backyard. Outdoor shows, sports courts, picnics and even a nap after lunch are common. Each season is special. Impossible not to stop to watch a little of Shakespeare in the Boston Common during the summer, or ice skating when the height of winter arrives. Just as it’s hard not to enjoy the colorful autumn orange in the Arnold Arboretum and the Public Garden flowers in the spring.